Is Widow Getting Scammed Out of Life Insurance? And, Is Cheating Husband Ever to Be Trusted Again?


Widow Debbie says she fell deeply in love after her husband’s passing but her daughter Ashley says she’s being scammed. Debbie has sent her online lover more than $200,000 of her husband’s life insurance and Ashley says she’s worried about her mom being emotionally and financially exploited. Is Debbie getting scammed out of thousands or is she just trying to find true love?


Anseanee says her husband Quincy is the first man she ever trusted, but he lost her trust when he cheated over 5 years ago. Quincy said it was a one-time thing and regrets the affair but Anseanee says she just can’t get over it – always worried he’s lying to her and up to no good on his phone. Quincy wants her back but should Anseanee forgive him or forget him?