Should She Stay With Her Fiancé and His Mistress? And, Does Mom Need to Grow Up or Is Her Son a Busybody?


Ever since Michel’le and Malcolm welcomed a baby girl into the world, their engagement has been on the rocks – fighting about money, Michel’le working late nights, and arguing all the time. Feeling distant, Malcolm turned to her best friend Shawny for support. Their friendly relationship soon turned intimate and they have yet to tell Michel’le. Should she walk away or try to make the engagement work for the sake of their child?

Ethan says his mom Danielle (aka “Danger”) acts inappropriately for her age– not dressing age appropriately, dying her hair crazy colors, and spending excessive amounts of money on her wrestling obsession. Should Ethan mind his own business and let his mom be or does Danielle need to grow up? Plus today’s Simple Truth: 20 years ago, Cristina was modeling, acting, singing, and living the Los Angeles dream, but an abusive marriage of ten years left her with regrets, self-loathing, and no success. Cristina says she gained over 100 pounds, started smoking, and now she can’t get a steady job. Shocked as to how she got to this point, Cristina wants to turn her life around.