Has Dad Gone Too Far? And, Is Mom Enabling Daughter’s Obsession?


Michelle and John have two sons going down a bad path. Michelle’s parenting style is softer but John thinks they need to be tough, even physical, on them to keep them under control. Michelle and John can’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to parenting and it’s hurting their marriage. Is Michelle too much of a pushover or does John need to ease up on their two sons?

Daughter Sheila loves buying new makeup and looking beautiful but mom Dorethea thinks she is too obsessed. A passion for makeup that began at age nine sparked a vanity in Sheila that negatively affects her relationship with her mom. Sometimes spending $400 a day, Sheila’s makeup purchases have put her in debt. She has turned to stealing from Mom and even offering sexual favors to her peers in exchange for money. Does Sheila need to get her makeup obsession under control or does her mom need to stop enabling her habit?