Family In Crisis: Abused Sister Begs Family for Help. And, Once BFFs, now Frenemies.


Amanda says she suffered in an abusive relationship for years that cost her her family, but she needs them now more than ever. Her older sister Heather wants nothing to do with her and thinks Amanda needs to stop making excuses and get her life together. Will Heather hear her sister out and give her the help she needs or does Amanda need to get her priorities straight and properly care for her four kids, get a job, and leave her abusive ex for good?


Dawaun says her long-time friend Sarai has turned into a self-centered monster – acting inconsiderate, not respecting Dawaun’s things, getting with a man she dated, and not paying back the money she borrowed. Sarai thinks Dawaun is just being petty and let things get out of hand. Neither want their 10-year relationship to end but can these frenemies mend their broken friendship?