Battle of the Sexes: Fitness Model Fiancé Refuses to Turn Housewife!


With special guest co-host, Coach Mike! Robbie says when he and his fiancé Jessika want kids, he expects her to become a stay-at-home housewife so he can provide for the family. Jessika thinks Robbie is old fashioned and doesn’t want to give up her career as a fitness model and trainer. Should Robbie change his traditional ways of thinking? Plus, today’s Simple Truth: Erica says she started flirting with a guy online but after finding out he used to date her friend, does her friend deserve a heads up before things go further?

Reante and Ean used to be close cousins, but now they are always clashing. Reante says Ean is a homophobe and wants him to accept him and his gender fluidity. Ean says he’s not a homophobe, he just doesn’t support Reante’s lifestyle. Ean says he won’t apologize for his derogatory slurs until Reante apologizes for calling him a homophobe. Should Reante and Ean reconcile? Plus, today’s Simple Truth: Janette says her friend in a long-term relationship flirts with other guys when they go out but doesn’t see the harm in it. Is it ok to accept the attention or is it cheating?