Is Mom Hitting on Daughter’s Pals? And, Can This Engineer Rap?

Playing Is Mom Hitting on Daughter’s Friends? And, Can Mechanical Engineer with Six-Pack Abs Make It as a Rapper?

Is Mom Hitting on Daughter’s Friends? A Family in Crisis as Mom Hits Rock Bottom!

Daughter Katelyn is embarrassed by her mom Kathy. Katelyn says her mom dresses poorly, has no filter, and hits on her friends but Kathy says she’s an adult and can do what she wants. Mom wants to put it all behind them and move forward but Katelyn says she better pull herself together soon or she won’t have a relationship with her grandson. Is Kathy an embarrassing mom that has to get under control or is Katelyn being too unforgiving?

Mechanical Engineer Wows Audience with Six-Pack Abs But Can He Become a Star? Woman Scammed into Green Card Marriage! Can She Ever Love Again?

Marc is a mechanical engineer who dreams of becoming a rapper but his friend Jonathan says he has no musical talent and doesn’t want him wasting his time or money. Does Marc have the skills to make it as a rapper? Watch him perform and see what the audience has to say. Plus today’s Simple Truth: Danielle thought she found love online with Mohamed from Tunisia. Despite their cultural differences and 15-year age gap, they got married but they divorced a few years later as reports of cheating arose. Danielle feels played just because he wanted a Green Card and it afraid to love again. How can Danielle ever trust or love another man?