This Week on Face the Truth

August 10 - 16, 2019
Monday, August 12 Episode #1069AB

550-Pound Death Sentence: What Will It Take to Change?

William says he worries about his 550-pound best friend James. He says James constantly overeats and will spend over $300 a week on food. James says he knows he needs to eat right and exercise but no diet plans work for him. William doesn’t want to lose his best friend and says James needs a wakeup call because it seems like he’s given up trying. Is James’s help in immediate danger? Kevin Masters, who went from 500 pounds to running Iron Mans, shares some words of encouragement.

Tuesday, August 13 Episode #1141AB

The Truth Team Tackles R. Kelly’s Explosive Interview: What Was Really Going on During the Gayle King Interview? The “Leaving Neverland” Bombshell: Were Parents Manipulated by Michael Jackson?

Face the Truth on crime! The hosts discuss R. Kelly and Michael Jackson’s alleged crimes against minors. Were kids and their parents wooed by fame fantasy and won over with gifts? Child victims brainwashed? Mom murder cover-up by dad and daughter? “Scary Mary’s” most memorable case: the Dairy Queen murder!

The Truth Team Reveals their Deepest Secrets! Vivica’s Rules on Dating Costars! Judge Mary Opens up about her Childhood in a Funeral Home!

Honesty is the only policy as the “Truth Team” tackles your deepest secrets! Sending ex a dead fish as payback? Tell your friend what you really think of their outfit? Okay to snoop on child’s diary? Jillyan’s shares shocking secrets after drastic weight loss! Confess past affair to husband of 25 years or take it to the grave? Secret coworker crushes! “Truth Team” fesses up!

Wednesday, August 14 Episode #1066AB

Son Pursuing Dream on Mom’s Dime? Is He a Future Superstar?

28-year-old Ali says he’s a college dropout turned rapper, but he’s pursuing his dreams on his mom Beverly’s dime. Beverly says he roped her into paying for his rapping career but Ali says his mom never supported him growing up so now she needs to step up. Should Beverly cut off her son? See what’s got Vivica and Ali in a heated argument and why Mary’s done with Ali’s crap!

From Prison to Prince! Gang Banger Transformation You Won’t Believe!

Lydia and Roger have been together for 6 years, but Lydia says they aren’t ready to take their relationship to the next level until Roger leaves the street gang lifestyle behind and gets a full time job. Roger says Lydia can’t understand how his difficult upbringing and incarceration hold him back because she was spoon fed growing up. Should Roger leave his street look behind? Celebrity hair stylist Jason Schneidman helps Roger transform his look.

Thursday, August 15 Episode #1135AB
Friday, August 16 Episode #1149AB