This Week on Face the Truth

August 3 - 9, 2019
Monday, August 5 Episode #1084AB
Tuesday, August 6 Episode #1134ab

Face The Truth Special: What Men Want? What Women Want?

The Truth Team is joined by HGTV “Flip or Flop” star Tarek El Moussa, actor and comedian Alex Thomas and former Bachelorette contestant Robby Hayes to address the question men and women have pondered over for centuries: what does the opposite sex really want? Comedian and co-host of “Self-Helpless” podcast Kelsey Cook hits the streets to see how much people really know about the other sex.

Wednesday, August 7 Episode #1098AB

Will Husband Step up to the Plate?

She doesn’t want to have sex with her husband but thinks she’d feel sexier if she had the chance to dress up once in a while. The Truth Team gives Alison the makeover of her dreams but should James get a vasectomy so Alison doesn’t have to worry about getting pregnant?

Thursday, August 8 Episode #1112AB

Catfished! Has Woman Found Love Online or Is She Being Scammed?

Robin believes her 71-year-old mom Sandy is being scammed by a man she met online. She says she’s tried to stop her mom from sending him money but it’s gotten so bad that Sandy’s behind on her mortgage and credit card payments. Robin wants her mom to realize she’s being scammed but Sandy says she’s found her soul mate. Is Sandy being catfished?

Simple Truth Special: The Truth Team Faces Your Toughest Questions!

Simple Truth Special: The Truth Team answers your questions from past trauma to being a mama. How does mom move forward after baby daddy left her high and dry? Declining invites from the boss without hurting feelings. How does stepmom build relationship with husband’s daughter?

Friday, August 9 Episode #1114AB

Sister Was Actually Mom! Why She Lied All These Years!

Amy says she’s upset her biological mother Tracey pretended to be her sister for years, but Tracey says she had no choice but to lie and Amy needs to move past it. Now that Amy wants Tracey to act like her mother, she won’t do it. Amy claims Tracey has tried to have her children taken away and has even had to file a restraining order against her but Tracey says it’s because Amy is a rebel and a liar. Should Amy forgive Tracey and start having a better relationship?

Cousin Betrayal: Is He Seeking Ultimate Revenge Over One-Night Stand?

Ryan and Chris are cousins who used to be best friends until 6 years ago when Chris slept with Ryan’s girl. Things have been strained between them ever since because Ryan can’t get past the betrayal and now can’t trust Chris around any girl he dates. Chris says he didn’t know Ryan had feelings for the girl and he falls in love too quickly. They both want to make amends but should Chris cut ties with Ryan after his shocking confession is revealed?