This Week on Face the Truth

Monday, July 8 Episode #1096AB
Tuesday, July 9 Episode #1113AB

Does Family Owe Their Riches to Genius Son?

Tyler claims he learned about stocks and helped his family earn over six figures, but they refuse to give him a cut because it’s not his money! His mother, Rosemarie, says she’s raised a cocky, entitled narcissist and they don’t owe him anything! Tyler boasts he’s the smartest member of his family and worked hard to make that money. Should Rosemarie pay her son for his stock market smarts?

History of Betrayal Causing Paranoia?

Reianna and Joseph say they’re in love but their lack of trust is the only thing stopping them from walking down the aisle. She says Joseph’s constant cheating accusations are out of control but Joseph says he’s caught Reianna in a car with her ex and hasn’t been able to trust her since. Even using spy surveillance technology to catch her in the act, Joseph may be unable to trust because his family kept their own secrets from him growing up. Is Reianna cheating on Joseph?

Wednesday, July 10 Episode #1045AB

Does Boyfriend Need to Drop the Dream and Get A Real Job?

Lynn is tired of being the breadwinner for her boyfriend Thomas over the last two decades and that it’s time for him to get a real job. Thomas says he’s pursuing his dream of reimagining the education system but keeps a part-time job to pull his own weight but it’s never enough for her. Is it time for him to drop his dream and get a real job?

Cheating Wife, Unhappy Life? But Is He A Cheater, Too? Plus, How Can Beaten and Broken Women Love Herself and Another Man Again?

James says he can’t forgive his wife Cortney for cheating on him with one of his oldest friends and feels she may still be cheating. Cortney is bothered by the fact that he won’t forgive her and says he needs to move past it because he’s cheated, too. Is Cortney cheating once again? Should James leave her? Plus today’s Simple Truth: Judy says she’s suffered serious abuse her entire life and struggles with low self-esteem. How does she begin to put herself back together and someday love again?

Thursday, July 11 Episode #1064AB

Obsessions and Lies! Two Women at Odds

Dana says her husband’s ex, Sherri, is stalking her. Although Sherri’s relationship with Dana’s husband ended over twenty years ago, Dana says she’s obsessed and needs to move on, even turning to restraining orders and faking her husband’s death.

Friday, July 12 Episode #1089AB