This Week on Face the Truth

June 29 - July 5, 2019
Monday, July 1 Episode #1083AB
Tuesday, July 2 Episode #1094AB

Wife’s Weight Loss Sparks Attention from Other Men

Dawn’s look and life completely changed after gastric bypass surgery. Now, she says she looks like Marilyn Monroe and is constantly getting hit on! She says it’s revealed a side of her husband, Brandon that she’s never seen before – jealousy. He’s accused her of cheating and she’s offended but Brandon says her new look has completely gone to her head! He says she’s stopped respecting their marriage but he’s not jealous, he’s just worried about who his wife is becoming. Will Brandon learn to trust Dawn and stop being possessive or should Dawn file for divorce?

Family Fears Homelessness

Mark is tired of carrying the financial load for his family and wants his fiancée Ariel to get a job or at least clean the house and cook some meals. Mark says Ariel complains about motherhood and just wants to party & cheat but Ariel says Mark doesn’t understand how hard being a stay-at-home mom is. She says he’s controlling when it comes to finances and her social life. She admits to cheating on Mark, but points out he cheated first. Should Mark and Ariel get married?

Wednesday, July 3 Episode #1097AB
Thursday, July 4 Episode #1087AB

Wife Has to Step up Her Hustle or Husband’s Stepping Out!

Vincent says he works several jobs to support their family but his wife Brandy lacks serious hustle and if she doesn’t step it up, he’s out. Brandy disagrees and says she works full time and spends the rest of her time cooking, cleaning and raising their kids. Vincent’s past incarcerations and both their histories of cheating are taking an extra toll on their relationship – causing nonstop fighting. Is Vincent being too hard on Brandy?

Friday, July 5 Episode #1047AB

Wife Blames Failing Business on Husband’s Food Addiction! Now, the Choice Between Food or Marriage?

Sheila says her husband Neal has a serious food addiction and is threatening to leave him if he doesn’t get it under control. Neal says he’s tried every diet program out there but nothing seems to help. Sheila blames his struggling chiropractic business on his weight gain and is threatening to leave him if things don’t change. Will Neal lose the weight or lose his wife?

Former Best Friends and Band Members Turned Enemies?

Joy, Nicole, and Latrice started a band back in 1994 but after they broke up, Joy parted ways and never looked back. Nicole and Latrice don’t know why Joy won’t talk to them and why they weren’t even invited to her wedding. Latrice and Nicole want to get the band back together but should Joy accept them back into her life?