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Monday, June 10 Episode #1067AB
Tuesday, June 11 Episode #1072AB
Wednesday, June 12 Episode #1073AB
Thursday, June 13 Episode #1049AB

Dad Picks Millions Over Family?

Eva said she used to have a great relationship with her father Otto but her parents’ divorce and the argument over one million dollars Otto thinks he’s owed destroyed their family. Eva says Otto went so far as to send a resignation letter to the family! Can Otto put the argument with his ex-wife aside and mend his relationship with Eva?

Best Friend Accused of Sleeping With Two of His Exes then Ghosting Him?

Joseph says he and Fredo used to be best friends and roommates until Fredo betrayed him by sleeping with two of his exes then moved out and ghosted him. Can Joseph and Fredo see past all the accusations and forgive each other? Plus, today’s Simple Truth: Leslie says her 41-year-old son Adam lives with her, unable to afford living on his own, because of his online shopping addiction. She says it’s ruined his credit, marriage and his life. Should Leslie kick him out? Is there any hope for Adam to get his life in order?

Friday, June 14 Episode #1058AB

Is Relationship on the Rocks? Should She Kick Him to the Curb or Have His Baby?

Ivory says her boyfriend of two years Myles is a bum who can’t keep a job and he’s trying to trick her into having a baby! Myles says he’s changed his hair, wardrobe and job to please Ivory but it’s never enough. The two have been engaged on and off but should Ivory and Myles finally get married?

Did Three-Way Relationship Ruin Their Friendship for Good?

Bree and Chelsea were best friends who decided to date the same guy, but things didn’t exactly work out. The three of them ended up moving in together but once things got complicated and Bree broke it off, it upset her that Chelsea didn’t do the same. Their fight over a guy damaged their relationship but should they mend their broken friendship?