This Week on Face the Truth

Monday, June 3 Episode #1054AB

Family Feud Over Ailing Mother?

Amy says her younger sister Roxy is selfish and doesn’t do nearly enough to help care for their ailing mother who’s suffered multiple strokes. Roxy says she’s doing all she can but she’s busy with her children and Amy is jealous because she’s never had kids. Roxy also admits underlying resentment of her mother doesn’t encourage her to help out. Should she step up and help Amy care for their mother?

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places? A Face The Truth Speed Dating Surprise!

Ashley says her best friend Nia is kind, beautiful and artistic but can’t find a man worthy of her attention. She claims Nia is always dating hot-tempered, hurtful or weird guys and needs to raise her standards. Is Nia looking for love in all the wrong places? Which eligible bachelor will she pick after her speed dating surprise?

Tuesday, June 4 Episode #1044AB

Serial Cheater? Plus, A Family Divided and in Crisis?

Kimberly and Isaiah have been married for 16 years, but ever since Isaiah cheated with her best friend in their first year of marriage, Kimberly can’t seem to get over it. She suspects he’s cheating again but Isaiah insists he’s not and is tired of the accusations. Is Isaiah being faithful? 

Wednesday, June 5 Episode #1055AB

Widow’s Out-Of-Control Hoarding Has Sister on High Alert!

Gayle says her sister Sherry’s hoarding and health have spiraled out of control since losing her husband 6 months ago. Sherry sees no problem in holding onto things and insists she’s not hoarding. Gayle is also worried about her sister’s weight and wants a wakeup call for Sherry. Does Sherry need to get her hoarding and health under control?

Daughter Pleads with Mom to Change Her Lifestyle after Dangerous Diagnosis

Jasmine says her mom Jackie hasn’t been taking care of herself since her type 2 diabetes diagnosis and worries she’s going to lose her mom if she doesn’t change her unhealthy ways. Jackie says she’s trying her best but old habits don’t change overnight. Jasmine claims she’s tried to buy healthy foods and get her mom to the gym but her mom isn’t having it. Is Jackie taking her health seriously?

Thursday, June 6 Episode #1040AB
Friday, June 7 Episode #1050AB

From Pimp to Pastor? The Dirty Secrets He Might Be Hiding!

Monique says her husband Michael is a pastor but their 3-year-romance was littered with cheating and lies. About a year ago, Monique left without warning but now she’s considering rekindling their relationship. However, she doesn’t know whether she will be able to trust Michael, who has been married 5 times, has 16 children and step-children and struggles with a sex addiction! Should Monique and Michael reunite?

Has Daughter Lost Mom to Video Game Addiction?

Rochelle is a mother who plays racy video games all day, doesn’t have a driver’s license and hates doing the dishes. Her daughter Hope says her mom’s video game addiction has consumed her life and it has to stop. Hope says she’s lost her dad and it feels as if she’s losing her mom, as well. Will Rochelle get the help she needs?