This Week on Face the Truth

Monday, May 13 Episode #1147AB
Tuesday, May 14 Episode #1142AB

Face The Truth Special: The Naked Truth!

How safe are family friendly nudist events? Truth Team plays “Would You Rather.” Bringing sexy back as a mom. How to deal with nude roommates. Ways you can feel more confident and comfortable in the bedroom. Is it ever okay to publicly shame someone? How being cheated on affects your brain. Nudist dishes on her unique lifestyle.

Wednesday, May 15 Episode #1145AB

Face The Truth Special: Baby Mama Drama! Wife Chose Sperm Donor over Husband? Co-Parenting Through Divorce! Vacations with the Ex! Changing Child’s Name After Divorce?

Face The Truth on baby mama drama! Wife wants attractive sperm donor over unattractive husband? How to co-parent through a toxic divorce. Establishing good relationships with partner’s kids. Vacationing with kids and the ex? Kid calling new girlfriend “Mom?” Okay to change child’s last name after divorce?

Face The Truth Special: Should I Be Mad? Mom Stealing Sexy Pics of Daughter’s Husband? School Teaching Victim Blaming? PDA: Okay or No Way? Bachelorette Party Woes! Ugly Engagement Ring on Blast!

Face the Truth about whether or not it’s okay to be mad! Mom stealing sexy pictures of her daughter’s husband? Was school teaching victim blaming for sexual assault? What to do if boyfriend doesn’t like PDA. Feeling marriage pressure from older partner? Putting boyfriend on blast for ugly engagement ring?

Thursday, May 16 Episode #1144AB

Face The Truth on what’s trending! Keeping Size of “Manhood” a Secret? Crazy Marriage Age Gap! Nail Salon Named After Sex Act! Judge Mary’s Court! Convalesce in Hotel or Nursing Home?

Face the Truth on what’s trending! Man kept small size of “manhood” a secret until after marriage! How many years is too big of an age gap between husband and wife? Would you allow nail salon named after sex act in your town? Judge “Scary” Mary gives her verdict. Man giving advice to women on how to be beautiful? Man’s reasoning for choosing hotel over nursing home.

Friday, May 17 Episode #1151AB