This Week on Face the Truth

Monday, May 6 Episode #1138AB
Tuesday, May 7 Episode #1121AB

Guest Updates: Robbery Gone Wrong! Targeted By Best Friend? Lie Detector Test Results Reveal All! And, Has Alcoholic Daughter Stayed Sober?

Last time they were on the show, Cosina said she was robbed at gunpoint and alleged her best friend Shelean was behind it. After inconclusive lie detector results, Cosina hasn’t been able to let it go. She brought Shelean back on the show to know, once and for all, if her best friend was behind the robbery. Will Shelean’s new lie detector results provide answers? Earlier this season, Linda confronted her daughter Ronnie about her dangerous and potentially deadly alcohol addiction. Ronnie finally admitted to her struggle with alcohol and went to rehab that day. Has she stayed sober? See how she’s doing now.

Wednesday, May 8 Episode #1150AB
Thursday, May 9 Episode #1143AB

Face The Truth Special: Hot Headlines!

Face the Truth about what’s trending! Women suing college for sexual harassment at fraternity. Did we romanticize iconic post-WWII kissing picture? Sister selfish for making Maid of Honor speech about her? When you take “faking it ‘til you make it” too far. Picture of shirtless Abe Lincoln statue goes viral!

Friday, May 10 Episode #1132AB

Clashing Parenting Styles Driving Couple Apart?

Felicia says she and her husband Tylee don’t agree on how to discipline their son. Felicia says Tylee not only spoils their son, he also undermines her parental authority. She’s so fed up and willing to end their marriage if Tylee doesn’t change. Tylee says there can’t be two strict parents so he’s the nice, patient guy. He wants to parent with positive reinforcement and says he’s not backing down from his stance. Is Tylee too lenient with their son?

Guest Update: Son Gives Ultimatum to Alcoholic Mom! Has She Stayed Sober?

Previously on our show, Alec brought his mom Korey to Face the Truth about her alcohol addiction. She agreed to go to rehab but has since said she wants to leave treatment. Will she stay sober for her son? And, Simple Truth Special! How does bride-to-be lose weight before “I do!” Should she give long distance boyfriend an ultimatum?