This Week on Face the Truth

March 16 - 22, 2019
Monday, March 18 Episode #1134ab

Face The Truth Special: What Men Want? What Women Want?

The Truth Team is joined by HGTV “Flip or Flop” star Tarek El Moussa, actor and comedian Alex Thomas and former Bachelorette contestant Robby Hayes to address the question men and women have pondered over for centuries: what does the opposite sex really want? Comedian and co-host of “Self-Helpless” podcast Kelsey Cook hits the streets to see how much people really know about the other sex.

Tuesday, March 19 Episode #1008AB

Can High School Sweethearts Save Their Sour 32-Year Relationship?

High School sweethearts Rolando and Randee have been together 32 years. Randee says her husband isn’t the man she married – jealous and controlling and smoking lots of pot. Rolando says his wife hasn’t been satisfying him sexually and he’s angry she spent their retirement money on shopping sprees. Rolando says he has urges to cheat and Randee admits to emotionally cheating with online “friends”. Can their marriage be saved?

Wednesday, March 20 Episode #1006AB

Ditching the G-String! Stripper Daughter Criticized by Stripper Mom?

Alana strips to pay the bills but mom Jen wants her to quit dancing, as she also used to strip and knows the horrible future that lies ahead. Alana says she’s a hypocrite and wishes her mom would be supportive and help babysit her kids while she’s working. Should Alana give up stripping or does Jen need to stop being a hypocrite?

Family Crisis! Husband Chooses Career Over Family? And, Mother of Nine and Bullied Children Cry For Help!

Melissa and Jason moved into a small space above his auto body shop with their two children in an effort to save his business from going under. Miserable and unhappy, Melissa threatens to leave if Jason doesn’t start improving his business but he refuses to change jobs. Should Jason pursue a more profitable job or should Melissa leave him and the failing car shop? And, Amy says her six adopted children – comprised of over seven nationalities – are bullied and made fun of for their “fat, old, white mom”. Can Amy help her kids accept who they are and love their family’s diversity?

Thursday, March 21 Episode #1024AB

Is Mom Enabling Her Child’s Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Jessica thinks her mom Becky is enabling her brother’s drug and alcohol addiction. 37-year-old Junior lives with Becky who supports him financially. Jessica says her brother has stolen from her and physically harmed family members but Becky refuses to abandon him – fearing he will die on the streets. 

Friday, March 22 Episode #1052AB

Catfished Grandpa? We call in the Private Investigator! Will He Face the Truth?

Gina says her dad James is being catfished out of thousands of dollars by a woman he met on the internet and is yet to meet in person. James says he’s found love but he can no longer afford to pay his own bills! Is James blinded by love? What will our private investigator uncover about his online romance?

Is Boyfriend Running To Mama with His Relationship Drama? Plus, How A Hard-Working Woman Asks For A Raise Without Rocking the Boat?

Brittani says her boyfriend Cyril is an immature, spoiled mama’s boy. Cyril says Brittani doesn’t understand his relationship with his parents because she’s adopted. They are tired of the fighting and want to mend their relationship but Brittani hates that Cyril runs to his parents any time there’s a problem. Should they breakup? And today’s Simple Truth: Shannon is a hard-working woman trying and failing to get noticed at work. How does she go about asking for a promotion without coming off as pushy?