This Week on Face the Truth

March 9 - 15, 2019
Monday, March 11 Episode #1101AB

Childhood Sexual Trauma Has Mother and Daughter in Codependent Relationship!

Amanda is severely depressed because of childhood sexual trauma and mom Stacey blames herself. She admits their codependent relationship stems from coddling her daughter. Amanda says she relies on her mom for everything and feels Stacey never taught her how to do things on her own and instead enables her depression. Does Stacey need to show her daughter some tough love or is Amanda better off living at home?

Guest Update: Out of Control Moms! Have They Found Sobriety or Are They Still Acting Out?

The Truth Team welcomes back some of the show’s most memorable guests! Kaela confronted her mother Donna about her dangerous and destructive alcohol and Xanax addiction. Kaela had said she’s never known her mother sober and Donna agreed to go to rehab that very day. How is Donna doing now? We also hear from Kathy and her daughter Katelyn. Since she faced the truth, Kathy has been sober for more than four and a half months. She’s found healing for herself, but can she heal the years of damage with her daughter?

Tuesday, March 12 Episode #1130AB

The Truth Team Tackles Stories You Want to Know More About!

The Truth Team dissects trending headlines. Man catches woman he had protected sex with pouring “contents” of condom into her. Would he be responsible for paternity? Son sues parents for birthing him? Sex button to tell partner when you’re feeling frisky? Vegan couple bans animal “murders” from wedding! Boy mistakes girlfriend’s thermometer for positive pregnancy test? Meddling mother-in-law goes behind mom’s back to name newborn! Who gets family dog in a breakup?

Photoshopping School Pictures, Protecting Kids from Pedophiles on Social Media and Single Parent Dating!

Face the Truth on parenthood. 4-year-old won’t stop playing with herself! Your date and your child in the same bed? Would you Photoshop your child’s school portrait? What if studio edited child’s picture without consent? How do you ask family and friends for private mommy-and-baby time without hurting feelings? Navigating how to share photos of newborn on social media while maintaining privacy!

Wednesday, March 13 Episode #1141AB

The Truth Team Tackles R. Kelly’s Explosive Interview: What Was Really Going on During the Gayle King Interview? The “Leaving Neverland” Bombshell: Were Parents Manipulated by Michael Jackson?

Face the Truth on crime! The hosts discuss R. Kelly and Michael Jackson’s alleged crimes against minors. Were kids and their parents wooed by fame fantasy and won over with gifts? Child victims brainwashed? Mom murder cover-up by dad and daughter? “Scary Mary’s” most memorable case: the Dairy Queen murder!

The Truth Team Reveals their Deepest Secrets! Vivica’s Rules on Dating Costars! Judge Mary Opens up about her Childhood in a Funeral Home!

Honesty is the only policy as the “Truth Team” tackles your deepest secrets! Sending ex a dead fish as payback? Tell your friend what you really think of their outfit? Okay to snoop on child’s diary? Jillyan’s shares shocking secrets after drastic weight loss! Confess past affair to husband of 25 years or take it to the grave? Secret coworker crushes! “Truth Team” fesses up!

Thursday, March 14 Episode #1010AB

Fight or Flight: Is This Rocky Relationship Worth Saving?

Ashley and Mike have been dating on and off for five years. They have even given up two children for adoption because their relationship is so unstable. When they fight, Ashley just gets up and leaves but Mike thinks she’s running off with other men. Is the relationship worth fighting for anymore?

The Nude Roommate Smack Down! The Real Reason Why Ty is Exposing his Junk!

Isaiah says his roommate Ty is always naked! Ty says he’s an exhibitionist and it’s part of his lifestyle but Isaiah says their tiny apartment is much too “intimate” to deal with Ty’s nudity and will have to move out if it doesn’t stop. But is Ty doing it as a lifestyle choice or a move to get Isaiah’s attention?

Friday, March 15 Episode #1037AB

Does Husband Needs to Clean Up His Act? Does Wife Have a Money Problem? Are They Ready for Parenthood?

Lavera and her husband Kendrick wants kids but they have been feuding over finances and chores. Lavera claims she’s always picking up after Kendrick. Kendrick says he’s trying to save up for a child but Lavera buys unnecessary things. Are Lavera and Kendrick ready to have kids or do they both have some shaping up to do first?

Should Wife Ditch Her Loveless Marriage?

Angi says her boyfriend Shannon lost interest in sex a few years ago. She says she’s tried everything and even had Shannon get blood work to check his testosterone levels. Shannon says he doesn’t know why he’s not into it but it’s caused fighting between them. Should they stay together and try to resolve the “issue” or walk away?