This Week on Face the Truth

February 9 - 15, 2019
Monday, February 11 Episode #1081AB
Tuesday, February 12 Episode #1109AB

Will Alexis Marry Gangster Rapping Ex-Con?

Alexis says her boyfriend Keaton is embarrassing to be with in public. From his freestyle rapping to his harsh critiques of people’s outfits, he has no filter. She wants to see him step up as a father and act like a gentleman, yet Keaton says she thinks he “acts black” but it’s just the way he is and he’s not changing. Can these two find a happy ever after or should they call it quits?

Will Secret Porn Career End Relationship?

Maggie says her relationship with her boyfriend Anthony is amazing except for one thing – she thinks he’s lying to her about his job. Maggie says she’s ready to move in with Anthony, but first she wants him to come clean about what he might be hiding. Anthony says he loves Maggie and knows he has to confess but doesn’t want to ruin their relationship. Will the truth set this couple free?

Wednesday, February 13 Episode #1089AB
Thursday, February 14 Episode #1107AB
Friday, February 15 Episode #1020AB

Is Brother Cashing In On Family’s Dirty Laundry In New Tell-All Book?

Paul grew up with 20 siblings and wrote a book telling of his colorful upbringing but his siblings aren’t happy about it because it’s putting down the whole family. His sister Jackie says she stopped talking to him for years because of it and another sister Elizabeth is still mad he put their childhood on blast. A third sister Bonnie hates that Paul has always thought he was better than his siblings. Should Paul’s sisters forgive him for writing his book?

Wife’s Tired of Being Breadwinner But Will Husband Get A Real Job? Plus, Is Gambling Addiction Bleeding Him Dry?

Mary says she’s frustrated and resentful because she works a demanding full-time job, while her husband Tim is freelance writer who makes his own schedule. Mary says she’s burnt out and it’s time for him to step up but Tim says he’s not going to give up his job as a journalist. He wants Mary to realize that he works nonstop and she needs to stop worrying. Does Tim need to get a second job? Today’s Simple Truth: Top-ranked professional poker player and Dr. Judy’s sister Maria Ho joins the Truth Team to help Will with a gambling problem that’s costing him thousands.