This Week on Face the Truth

February 2 - 8, 2019
Monday, February 4 Episode #1092AB
Tuesday, February 5 Episode #1100AB

Is Mom Abusive or is Daughter Lazy?

Yolanda says her daughter Zanajha can’t get a good job, because she can’t pass a drug test. She also claims Zanajha lost her license and expects her to drive her everywhere. Yolanda is frustrated that her daughter is lazy and refuses to help around the house. Zanajha says she wants to move out but she can’t afford it, yet Mom says she spends her money on getting her hair and nails done, shopping and weed. She says her mom is too hard on her and their arguments have erupted into physical altercations! Should Zanajha move out of Yolanda’s house?

Is Mom Abandoning Daughter for New Family?

Laquita doesn’t want Harlee mooching off her or even staying at her house. Harlee says she should be able to rely on her mom if she’s short on bills, especially since she took care of her mom when she was addicted to drugs. She feels like Laquita is trying to make a new life with her fiancé and leave Harlee behind. Is Laquita abandoning Harlee for her new family?

Wednesday, February 6 Episode #1103AB

Can Judge “Scary Mary” Find her Valentine on TV?

Judge “Scary Mary” is delivered the truth about her dating life by Dr. Judy Ho and our very own Truth Team. Dr. Judy says Mary has a tough, scary persona but she’s really a fun, lovable person. She says Mary wants to be romanced but she gets in her own way by being self-deprecating. Her Face the Truth family sets Mary up in a blind dating game. Will Mary find love?

Mother-Daughter Relationship in Ruins. Is the Duo Doomed?

Jessica says it’s been ten years and her mother Valda still can’t get over her divorce, and they live in a cluttered mess. She says her mother doesn’t care about her health or appearance and has completely let herself go. Valda says Jessica needs to stop pointing the finger at her and take care of herself since she dates losers. Valda hates that her daughter doesn’t contribute financially or help clean the house. Should Jessica move out?

Thursday, February 7 Episode #1108AB
Friday, February 8 Episode #1094AB

Wife’s Weight Loss Sparks Attention from Other Men

Dawn’s look and life completely changed after gastric bypass surgery. Now, she says she looks like Marilyn Monroe and is constantly getting hit on! She says it’s revealed a side of her husband, Brandon that she’s never seen before – jealousy. He’s accused her of cheating and she’s offended but Brandon says her new look has completely gone to her head! He says she’s stopped respecting their marriage but he’s not jealous, he’s just worried about who his wife is becoming. Will Brandon learn to trust Dawn and stop being possessive or should Dawn file for divorce?

Family Fears Homelessness

Mark is tired of carrying the financial load for his family and wants his fiancée Ariel to get a job or at least clean the house and cook some meals. Mark says Ariel complains about motherhood and just wants to party & cheat but Ariel says Mark doesn’t understand how hard being a stay-at-home mom is. She says he’s controlling when it comes to finances and her social life. She admits to cheating on Mark, but points out he cheated first. Should Mark and Ariel get married?