This Week on Face the Truth

January 12 - 18, 2019
Monday, January 14 Episode #1072AB
Tuesday, January 15 Episode #1084AB
Wednesday, January 16 Episode #1087AB

Wife Has to Step up Her Hustle or Husband’s Stepping Out!

Vincent says he works several jobs to support their family but his wife Brandy lacks serious hustle and if she doesn’t step it up, he’s out. Brandy disagrees and says she works full time and spends the rest of her time cooking, cleaning and raising their kids. Vincent’s past incarcerations and both their histories of cheating are taking an extra toll on their relationship – causing nonstop fighting. Is Vincent being too hard on Brandy?

Thursday, January 17 Episode #1078AB
Friday, January 18 Episode #1085AB

Is Mom Playing Nice or Is She a Narcissist in Disguise? Does Her Daughter Wish She Was Dead?

Rachel says she stopped talking to her mom Yvette because she’s a controlling narcissist and is tired of her mom’s offensive and controlling attitude. Yvette says she’s only tried to help Rachel out since her divorce – buying her a condo and two cars – but Rachel thinks her mom’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Is Yvette too controlling of Rachel’s life?

Former Addict’s Double Life! Why Wife Is Done with His Lying!

Lisa is ready to divorce her husband Danny if he continues to lie to her and smoke marijuana behind her back. Both recovering addicts, Lisa worries his smoking will lead to a relapse and refuses to compromise her 22 years of sobriety for him. Danny says he uses marijuana as medicine to soothe his pain and help curb triggers for other drugs but Lisa is a hypocrite because she’s addicted to shopping and eating! Does Danny need to stop smoking marijuana?