This Week on Face the Truth

January 5 - 11, 2019
Monday, January 7 Episode #1077AB

Is Fame Worth Dying For?

Daric says his mom gave up on parenting him a long time ago and she needs to respect his decisions but she fears for her life after her house was involved in a drive-by shooting. Daric doesn’t want to give up on his dream, but is he on the road to fame or a felony?

Tuesday, January 8 Episode #1091AB

Battle of the Sexes: Fitness Model Fiancé Refuses to Turn Housewife!

With special guest co-host, Coach Mike! Robbie says when he and his fiancé Jessika want kids, he expects her to become a stay-at-home housewife so he can provide for the family. Jessika thinks Robbie is old fashioned and doesn’t want to give up her career as a fitness model and trainer. Should Robbie change his traditional ways of thinking? Plus, today’s Simple Truth: Erica says she started flirting with a guy online but after finding out he used to date her friend, does her friend deserve a heads up before things go further?


Homophobia Breaking Family Bonds? Why Cousin’s Gender Fluidity Is Causing Family Clash

Reante and Ean used to be close cousins, but now they are always clashing. Reante says Ean is a homophobe and wants him to accept him and his gender fluidity. Ean says he’s not a homophobe, he just doesn’t support Reante’s lifestyle. Ean says he won’t apologize for his derogatory slurs until Reante apologizes for calling him a homophobe. Should Reante and Ean reconcile? Plus, today’s Simple Truth: Janette says her friend in a long-term relationship flirts with other guys when they go out but doesn’t see the harm in it. Is it ok to accept the attention or is it cheating?

Wednesday, January 9 Episode #1086AB

Daughter Fakes Illness to Skip School? Mom Tricks Her With Phony Remedy!

Annette thinks her daughter Lola is faking a sickness – even lying about a cancer diagnosis – to get out of school and responsibilities and worries she will use it as a crutch for the rest of her life. Lola says her fibromyalgia has her in constant pain and she’s angry that her mom doesn’t believe her but Annette says she tricked her daughter into believing a fake remedy soothed her pain. Should Annette believe Lola?

Former Drug Addict Sister at Risk of Relapsing? Why She Thinks Dating Druggies and Scammers is Better Than Being Alone

Liz and Rebecca are concerned about their sister Loretta because she dates terrible men like meth addicts, liars and scammers because she’s afraid to be alone. Loretta says she’s an adult and needs to make her own mistakes so she can learn from them. She also insists her drug addiction is under control but her sisters worry she’ll use again. Does Loretta need to embrace her independence?

Thursday, January 10 Episode #1074AB
Friday, January 11 Episode #1055AB

Widow’s Out-Of-Control Hoarding Has Sister on High Alert!

Gayle says her sister Sherry’s hoarding and health have spiraled out of control since losing her husband 6 months ago. Sherry sees no problem in holding onto things and insists she’s not hoarding. Gayle is also worried about her sister’s weight and wants a wakeup call for Sherry. Does Sherry need to get her hoarding and health under control?

Daughter Pleads with Mom to Change Her Lifestyle after Dangerous Diagnosis

Jasmine says her mom Jackie hasn’t been taking care of herself since her type 2 diabetes diagnosis and worries she’s going to lose her mom if she doesn’t change her unhealthy ways. Jackie says she’s trying her best but old habits don’t change overnight. Jasmine claims she’s tried to buy healthy foods and get her mom to the gym but her mom isn’t having it. Is Jackie taking her health seriously?