This Week on Face the Truth

December 1 - 7, 2018
Monday, December 3 Episode #1049AB

Dad Picks Millions Over Family?

Eva said she used to have a great relationship with her father Otto but her parents’ divorce and the argument over one million dollars Otto thinks he’s owed destroyed their family. Eva says Otto went so far as to send a resignation letter to the family! Can Otto put the argument with his ex-wife aside and mend his relationship with Eva?

Best Friend Accused of Sleeping With Two of His Exes then Ghosting Him?

Joseph says he and Fredo used to be best friends and roommates until Fredo betrayed him by sleeping with two of his exes then moved out and ghosted him. Can Joseph and Fredo see past all the accusations and forgive each other? Plus, today’s Simple Truth: Leslie says her 41-year-old son Adam lives with her, unable to afford living on his own, because of his online shopping addiction. She says it’s ruined his credit, marriage and his life. Should Leslie kick him out? Is there any hope for Adam to get his life in order?

Tuesday, December 4 Episode #1054AB

Family Feud Over Ailing Mother?

Amy says her younger sister Roxy is selfish and doesn’t do nearly enough to help care for their ailing mother who’s suffered multiple strokes. Roxy says she’s doing all she can but she’s busy with her children and Amy is jealous because she’s never had kids. Roxy also admits underlying resentment of her mother doesn’t encourage her to help out. Should she step up and help Amy care for their mother?

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places? A Face The Truth Speed Dating Surprise!

Ashley says her best friend Nia is kind, beautiful and artistic but can’t find a man worthy of her attention. She claims Nia is always dating hot-tempered, hurtful or weird guys and needs to raise her standards. Is Nia looking for love in all the wrong places? Which eligible bachelor will she pick after her speed dating surprise?

Wednesday, December 5 Episode #1057AB

Mom Desperate for Grandkids! Simple Truth: Adult Star Scammed out of Her Broadway Dream?

Wynter says her mom Diana is constantly on her case about finding a man and having a baby. Wynter is 41 years old and wants her mom to stop controlling her! Diana even admits getting a granddaughter is more important than her daughter’s happiness. Does Wynter’s mom need to back off? Plus, today’s Simple Truth: Mark Anthony and Jenna were good friends until money got involved. Jenna says she donated $500 to his nonprofit so he’d help her get out of the adult entertainment industry and become a singer, but he hasn’t done anything and she’s feeling scammed! Should Jenna get her money back?

Thursday, December 6 Episode #1038AB

Overly Sensitive YouTube Star or Racist Radio Host?

YouTube star Sierra was publicly bashed by Tommy on his radio show. She claims he saw her video raising awareness about the dangers of hair weaves and invited her to be on the show. But when Sierra declined Tommy’s invitation he began bullying her – criticizing her weaves and Black women who wear them. Is Sierra being overly sensitive or is Tommy a male chauvinist who hates Black women?

Miracle Baby for Cancer Survivor! But the Boyfriend’s Still Married? Simple Truth: Struggles of Dating After 35 Years of Marriage!

Heidi was told she would never be able to have children again, but when she started dating Joseph, she was shocked to find out she got pregnant and even more shocked to find out the father was married! Since finding out, Heidi has helped him get divorce papers but they have gone unsigned for six months because he says he’s “too lazy” and Heidi thinks he’s hiding something. Should Heidi stick around? Plus, today’s Simple Truth: Rhonda says she was married for 35 years, but since then she hasn’t found the same passion she felt before. Can Rhonda find love again?

Friday, December 7 Episode #1060A

Will Cheating and Abuse Take Down this Marriage?

Emily says her husband Michael has cheated numerous times and is abusive her but she still wants to save their marriage if he’s willing to stop using drugs, grow up and help support their children. Michael says he’s off drugs and Emily is too controlling, admitting he doesn’t even want to be with her anymore. Will Michael’s drug test come back positive? Can Emily let her feelings for Michael go?

Is Mom Enabling Daughter’s Pricey Makeup Obsession? The Shocking Things Sheila Will Do for Cosmetics!

Daughter Sheila loves buying new makeup and looking beautiful but mom Dorethea thinks she is too obsessed. A passion for makeup that began at age nine sparked a vanity in Sheila that negatively affects her relationship with her mom. Sometimes spending $400 a day, Sheila’s makeup purchases have put her in debt. She has turned to stealing from Mom and even offering sexual favors to her peers in exchange for money. Does Sheila need to get her makeup obsession under control or does her mom need to stop enabling her habit?