This Week on Face the Truth

November 24 - 30, 2018
Monday, November 26 Episode #1017AB

Married to Medicine Star Dr. Heavenly Kimes Accused of Bullying Co-Star Mariah Huq

Married to Medicine stars Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Mariah Huq have an ongoing rivalry. Mariah says Heavenly is a bully that takes low blows by dissing her mom but Heavenly claims it’s all in good fun. Originally friends when they came to the show, neither really know what triggered their animosity. Is Heavenly a bully that needs to stop the “yo mama” jokes?

Can Couple Go Back to the Way Things Were Before Destroying Their Romance with an Open Relationship?

Loren and Sara have been married nearly 13 years but tried an open marriage in the hopes that it would save their relationship. But it ended up doing more harm than good after Sara grew a little too close with a man in her other relationship. Loren decided to stop the open relationship but Sara kept in contact with her other man. As Loren’s sexual needs are still not being met and Sara keeps close ties with another man, can this couple save the relationship they ruined? Plus, today’s Simple Truth: Brittany met a guy in a club one night and swears it was love at first sight but hasn’t been able to get in contact with him since. Her friend Kara says to stop obsessing over the mystery man. Is it time for Brittany to move on?

Tuesday, November 27 Episode #1026AB

The Clash Between a Narcissistic Daughter and the Worst Mom Ever?

Mom Stacey says her daughter Olivia is an entitled and lazy teenager addicted to social media. Oliva says she was forced to raise herself because Stacey is a terrible mom who has never shown affection. Stacey wants her daughter to go to college but Olivia would rather become a famous makeup artist. Is Stacey being a terrible, unsupportive mom or is Olivia too self-centered to realize her mom wants what’s best for her?

Sexy Instagram Model Takes Lie Detector Test to Prove She Wasn’t Cheating on Boyfriend

Instagram model La’Tisha has over 500,000 followers but her boyfriend of 8 years Curt says her addiction to social media is putting a strain on their relationship. Curt thinks the pictures La’Tisha posts are too sexy and worries she is sneaking off with men she meets on Instagram. Is La’Tisha showing too much skin on social media? Is La’Tisha ready to commit to Curt or is she cheating on him?

Wednesday, November 28 Episode #1019AB

Is Son Wasting His Musical Gift by Smoking Too Much Weed with Grandma?

Mom LaChoya says she’s worried about her son Jordan and wants him to grow up. She thinks he’s depressed and smokes too much weed but Jordan feels like his parents don’t understand his dreams. Jordan moved in with his grandma Helen who supports him and his passion for making music but his mom thinks he has to get a real job. Should Jordan give up smoking weed and his dreams of making music?

Thursday, November 29 Episode #1013AB
Friday, November 30 Episode #1005AB

Is Shopaholic Mom a Hoarder in Need of Serious Help?

A’Lora’s mother Tina has a shopping addiction that has left her $20,000 in debt. Tina claims she has a real hoarding addiction but her daughter doesn’t understand. Because of Tina’s dangerous living conditions, A’Lora no longer allows her son to visit. Should Tina get her shopping under control or should A’Lora be more sympathetic toward Tina’s hoarding addiction?

Have All the Cheating and Lies Ruined this Marriage for Good?

Leslie says her ex Andrew has cheated on her time and time again and she’s finally done. Andrew claims he messed up and wants a second chance – claiming they should make their relationship work for their daughter’s sake. Andrew claims he snoops on her phone because he cares about her but Leslie doesn’t want him to control her. Can Leslie and Andrew successfully co-parent without having a romantic relationship and make it work for their daughter?