This Week on Face the Truth

October 20 - 26, 2018
Monday, October 22 Episode #1040AB
Tuesday, October 23 Episode #1039AB
Wednesday, October 24 Episode #1047AB

Wife Blames Failing Business on Husband’s Food Addiction! Now, the Choice Between Food or Marriage?

Sheila says her husband Neal has a serious food addiction and is threatening to leave him if he doesn’t get it under control. Neal says he’s tried every diet program out there but nothing seems to help. Sheila blames his struggling chiropractic business on his weight gain and is threatening to leave him if things don’t change. Will Neal lose the weight or lose his wife?

Former Best Friends and Band Members Turned Enemies?

Joy, Nicole, and Latrice started a band back in 1994 but after they broke up, Joy parted ways and never looked back. Nicole and Latrice don’t know why Joy won’t talk to them and why they weren’t even invited to her wedding. Latrice and Nicole want to get the band back together but should Joy accept them back into her life?

Thursday, October 25 Episode #1033AB
Friday, October 26 Episode #1046AB