Tangible Tips to Prevent You from Getting Scammed

Playing How to Avoid Getting Catfished Online

Lori was close to selling her home to send the money overseas to a man she had never even met. Let her story be a cautionary tale. Here are some of the best tips the Truth Team shares to protect yourself. 

  • Be Skeptical
  • Don’t take anything for face value. Con artists know how to make their scams look and sound legitimate.

Judge Mary: You’ve got to question everything. When you speak with someone on the internet always speak in generalities. Don’t give them specifics about your life. Be careful – they want your ID, they want to know who you are so they can become you. 

Rosie: If you don’t know the person requesting you on Facebook delete, delete, delete. Make sure you know that person in real life. And protect your heart always.

Areva: If you’re getting an inbound email into your email box you have to ask yourself, 'Who are these people? How did they get my email address?' And that’s a serious red flag. So protect your heart as Rosie said, but protect your pocketbook too.

Dr. Judy: I want to focus for a moment on this universal feeling of grief. Everybody goes through it – it’s so difficult. But also know that grief ebbs and flows. Sometimes you think you’re over it and one little trigger – you start crying again. That’s okay. That’s normal. And guess what? That means you really love that person and that’s beautiful.

Vivica: Baby listen, love yourself honey. It’s okay to be alone sometimes you know? It’s okay. Love yourself, take yourself to the movies, take yourself to the spa, take yourself on the trip.