Can Infidelity Ever Truly Be Forgiven?

Playing Truth Takeaway: Can You Forgive and Forget?

Infidelity can destroy a relationship, but for those who choose to stay with a partner who strayed, is it possible to really forgive and forget?

While speaking with Anseanne and Quincy about their relationship issues, The Truth Team shares their Truth Takeaway about repairing a relationship after an affair.

Dr. Judy: “If you’re the person who was cheated on you really have to wipe the slate clean. You’re always waiting for that to prove their trustworthy over and over again – that’s not going to lead to a balanced relationship. If you’re going to stay, you’ve got to wipe the slate clean.”

Judge “Scary Mary”: “I think you can forgive but I don’t think you can forget. And by not forgetting we keep it in our memory bank and we continue on to never make that mistake again.”

Areva: “When you marry someone you are not marrying a friend, you are marrying a mate, so make that relationship about a man and a woman being intimate and having a close connection and if that’s not happening you need to think about moving on.”

Rosie: “I’ve been divorced and I’ve been cheated on and the things that I will never accept in my life are abuse, addiction, and adultery. Those are my three ‘no’s’. You do that to me, I am not going to tolerate [it] because I am worth more.”

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